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I have developed a serious skin condition…If a wash my face five times per day my skin becomes infected, which means I have to go on a course of antibiotics. I basically have to keep parts of my face completely dry. Can I just rub parts of my face with dry hands for wudhu and ghusl?

In the name of Allah the most Beneficent and Merciful

One of the conditions of Wudhu is that whole of the face has to be washed with water. However, when there is an illness which by washing will become worse or the treatment of it will become delayed and this is determined by either of the two factors

a) Advised by a practising Muslim doctor or

b) Personal experience

Then you are exempt. In your situation it is clear that your illness becomes worse and therefore the parts that have to be missed can be missed. However, what you should do is put a dry piece of cloth over the infected part and wipe over with wet hands. If this is not possible then you may leave out. You can continue this practise for Wudhu or Ghusl but only until needs determine. Once there is chance of it healing or during different periods of day/season it heals then you must resort back to washing it. (Bahar-e-Shariat, Radd ul Mohtar)

Of course Allah knows best

[Answer provided by: Muhammad Salim Ghisa]

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