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I seem to suffer from waswas quite alot – in many different forms (esp in areas of what is clean and unclean islamically). It is affecting me very greatly in my everyday life and prayer – to the fact I am obsessively cleaning constantly. My enquiry is regarding the subject of shoes in Islam. Are shoes which have been worn outside (unbeknown where they have passed) classed as unclean (napak)???? In my house all shoes are removed at the entrance hallway. If I were to walk over with bare feet or socks, in the area where shoe soles have touched or have been – Does this transfer and make my feet unclean?? If so, does this therefore transfer onto other floor area I have walked on?? Or any surface I have put my feet upon eg. sofa??? Also separately, can I ask the same question but with the difference of rain (making shoes wet) can this change the status of shoe (as I have read that only wetness transfers nagisat)? I know my question is very extreme but I wish to get answers on these to help me understand my faith more and stops these waswas ways over riding my life. I have done much research without any successs of getting an answer from the hanafi fiqh. Please could the questions be answered separately to avoid any confusing and any waswas making me feel unsure

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Assalamu ‘Alaykum Wa Rahmatullah
Allah protect us all from Waswas, Ameen.
One thing to note is doubt does not make anything impure.  The scholar have stated, “Al-Yaqeenu La Yazeelu Bi al-Shakki”, “Certainty is not removed by doubt.”  
In other words, you need to be certain than a particular item is impure, mere having a doubt will not make the item impure.
So lets say, you went into a room and you saw wetness on the floor, and a child is playing.  because you are not certain (as the wetness doesn’t smell/look like impurity) then it will not be regarded as impure. Yes however, if you are certain then it will be regarded as impure.
Now coming to your question, shoes are general not impure unless you are 100% that impurity was stuck on it.  This is only your assumption which has no influence in the ruling.  Remember doubt, or a mere possibility, will not make anything impure.
Hope this helps.
Allah knows Best