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AsSalamuAlaykum Once in the morning went i went to urine in the loo, after it while doing taharat, i realised happen to feel it to a sticky liquid as well, all though i am not sure was that Sperm or precum(transparent liquid), i mean i not sure if it any of these. honestly i dint see sperm as well Am i liable to take Obligatory Gusl??? as i was unsure about it i continued with my Namaz of day do i have to repeat them???? Please Help

Assalāmu ‘alaykum Wa Raĥmatullahi Wa Barakātuhu

There are three types of liquid:

1. Madhī: This is seminal fluid which is thin and does not decrease the Shahwah (lust). This breaks Wudū but not Ghusl.

2. Manī: This is sperm which is thick and white which breaks the lust and obligates Ghusl.

3. Wadī: The liquid that comes out after urination is called Wadī. This does not obligate Ghusl (bathing) but breaks Wudū.

(Fatāwā-e-Baĥr al-‘Ulūm, vol. 1, p. 73)

Ghusl becomes obligatory when sperm comes out due to lust (Shahwah). If sperm (Manī) comes out without lust then Ghusl does not become obligatory but will break Wudū. 

According to the question, the liquid is not sperm, and even if was sperm, it came out without lust, which does not obligate Ghusl. Yes however, Maī (sperm) is an impurity, whether it comes out with lust or not (Fatāwā-e-Ridwiyyah, vol. 4, p. 570) and if it gets on to the clothes or body, they need to be washed thoroughly. Same ruling applies to Madhī and Wadī.

Allah Knows best

Previous asalaam u alikum i was woundering if a female student is learning quran at madrasa, is she allowed to read if she is on her period and how should she be praying. Nowadays female teachers also attended madrasa to teach girls so is this also allowed if she is on her period. jazakallah
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