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Where is the evidence that one can place food in front of oneselves whilst giving a khatm?

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Assalamu alaikum,
There is no evidence to forbid this act and unless the non permissability of an act can be proven then it is allowed. It has been narrated that Hazrat Sa`ad Abi Waqqas wanted to donate something for the reward of his deceased mother and the Prophet of Allah advised him to donate a well that people would benefit from. He thus pointed to the well and donated it. (Mishkat)

Imam Ghazali mentions that Ibn Abbas has stated “the deceased come out of their graves and say to their living relatives “on this night have mercy upon us by giving in charity or donating food” This is done on the night of Eid, or on the day of Ashura or on Thursday night or on the night of Mid Shaban. (Daqiqul Akhbar)

Sheikh Abdul Haqq Al Dahlawi writes in the sharah of Mishqat “It has been related in some traditions that the soul of the deceased comes to the home of their relatives on a Thursday night and seeks to see if someone has donated to them” (Ashatul Lamat Sharah Mishkat p 470)

Allah knows best
[Answer provided by: Muhammad Salim Ghisa]