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Rules and Regulations

1. Enrolments will take place ONCE a year at Madrasah Noor ul-Islam. The first will take place after Ramadan. All admission forms should be submitted before Eid ul Fitr respectively. Please note that your child will not be enrolled if this deadline is missed. 

2. The minimum age of admission for both boys and girls is 4 years and 6 months. 

3. An admission fee of £10 is payable on submission of this form, together with proof of age (Birth certificate or NHS card). 

4. Madrasah hours are 5pm till 7pm every weekday. Please ensure that your child arrives no earlier than 5pm. Madrasah Noor ul-Islam will not take responsibility for your child arriving prior to this time or travelling to/from home. 

5. Please ensure that your child brings the appropriate fees each Friday.

6. As an Institution, we require all our pupils to be in uniform. Boys are required to wear a white Jubba and girls should be dressed in a black Jubba. If your child is not in uniform, then he/she will be sent home, unless a valid reason is given in the form of a letter to the Mudarris.

7. If your child requires to finish Madrasah early or is absent, then it is mandatory that you send a letter of explanation to the Mudarris.

8. Please ensure that your child has been to the toilet prior to leaving home. If your child were to have an accident then we will immediately contact you to take them home. 

9. When arriving to collect your child, it is vital that you wait for them at the bottom of the stairs and not enter the Madrasah.

10. If you have any concerns about the education of your child, please contact a member of the Madrasah Committee. Your matter will be dealt promptly and confidentially.