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What is the ruling for a person who continually breaks wudhu by passing wind, can he pray namaz and hold Quran sharif? Jazak ALLAH

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Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah
An excused person is known as Mazoor. A Mazoor person is someone who is in a constant state of impurity and does not get a chance to perform ablution and pray the Salah (for example someone who has a continuous nosebleed, or someone who keeps passing wind). 
​The  ruling, for a Mazoor is that he/she should do Wudu for every Fard Salah, and when the time for that Salah finishes, they should do Wudu for the next Salah.
​For example, if they do Wudu after Zohar time has started, they can do as many acts of worship that require Wudu as they want, until Asr time starts. As soon as ‘Asr time starts, their Wudu is broken, and they must redo their Wudu before they can perform any other Wudu-requiring acts.