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I wanted to ask you about the teaching system of the ahle-sunnah within the uk. we have 2 main Madrassahs. One in coventry Hijaz college set up by the great pir Abdul Wahab Siddique(may allah be pleased with him) and also one in nottingham run by pirzada imdad sahib. Balancing this, 98% of the scholars come from either india or pakistan – could you explain this?

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I understand your frustration about this fact. Many of our youth do not understand our native languages of Urdu and punjabi, thus finding it difficult to appreciate the discourses delivered at our mosques. There is a growing need of english-speaking scholarship to direct the youth of today.

Insha Allah, the likes of Sheikh Muhammed al Ya`qoubi and Sheikh Hamza Yusuf are leading the way in this struggle of disseminating the message in the english language. Please make du`a that Allah increases our himmah to strive for the Deen.

[Answer provided by: Muhammed Javed Yakub]