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Assalamu Alaikum. Can you tell me what action should be taken if a person has to do 2 sajdah e tilaawah? does he just have to perform one or should he do 2 seperate sajdahs? Jazakallah

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There are two different rulings for this.
Firstly, if two different verses of the Quran which require the Sajdah for Tilawah is read or heard, then two prostrations will become necessary.
(method explained at the bottom).

If one verse is repeated many times and you hear it or pray it whilst being in the same position or sitting then only one prostration becomes necessary, even if different people recite the same verse. (Durr, e Mukhtar, Radd ul Mohtar) If your assembly or position changes then you will have to perform the prostraion again. e.g. You heard or prayed a verse many times in the same sitting then you will perform one Sijdah. You then got up and went for a dring or moved three steps and herad the same verse again (either once or many times) then another prostration will have to be done.
(Alamgiri, Durr e Mukhar, Guniya)

The method of performing the Sijdah is that it is Sunnah to start standing, go in to prostration, perform 1 sijdah and stand back up again, whislt saying `Allah u Akbar` when going down and standing up. Also pray the Tasbeeh `Subhan Rabbi Al A`la` three times when in the sijdah. If you need to repeat the action for another verse then do exactly the same whilst standing up fully between two prostrations. Each time a Sijdah is done, one sijdah is done not two also all the precondtions of Salaah apply, i.e. Cleanlness (wudhu etc) covering the body, facing the Qiblah, intention, etc)

Allah knows best
[Answer provided by: Muhammad Salim Ghisa]