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Asalaam u alaikum. In Paradise/Hell will people remember their family, and recognise them?

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In the name of Allah the most Beneficent and Merciful.

People will be able to re-unite with their families and remember them by the grace of Allah. In paradise, people will enter with their families if they are righteous;

Allah says in the Quran

“Gardens of Eden, which they shall enter and (also) those who act righteously from among their fathers, and their wives, and their offspring… (13:23)

As for the people of Hell, they will not want to remember their friend or relatives as their pain and torture will be very severe, they will only care about themselves and this is why Allah has described the offspring and wealth as Fitnah.

We ask for Allah`s protection from the hell fire

Of course Allah knows best.

[Answer provided by: Muhammad Salim Ghisa]