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A person recently argued with me that us sunni muslims do sajdah and thawaf at the graves of pios people. I refuted this and said we do not do this we pray for the pios individual in the hope that our sins may be forgiven by Allah through their intercession. Please could you tell me if my answer was right and explain a little more about this situation. Jazak Allah

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[Answer retrieved by Brother Muhammed Salim Ghisa]

Previous A lot of people kiss their nails when hearing the name of our beloved prohpet (pbuh). I asked my friend and he said the no-one ever kissed the nail when the hearing the name in those days, and its bid`a. is this true? can you give me some examples of hadeeths please.
Next A`Salaam-a-laykum, would you oblige in expanding/explaining the concept of intercession on the day of kiyamet in further detail?
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