26 Sep 2021 | Next Salah Time: Fajr at 05:03

I visited the Prophet during his ailments and he was suffering from a high fever. I said, "You have a high fever. Is it because you will have a double reward for it?" He said, "Yes, for no Muslim is afflicted with any harm but that Allah will remove his sins as the leaves of a tree fall down."

Narrated 'Abdullah:

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Isha 20:59 21:30

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Hadrat 'Allama Maulana Mohammed Iqbal sahib Qadri Misbahi was born on 1st March 1954 in the district of Bharuch, in the village 'Vorasamni'. His primary education including the recitation of the Holy Quran, and learning and reading the books in Urdu, was taught to him in the local madressa. 

Then, at the age of 12 Hadrat 'Allama Maulana Mohammed Iqbal sahib Qadri Misbahi entered Dar al-'Ulum 'Arabiyya Miskiniyyah in Dhoraji. 

The initial books of the Dars-e-Nizami course, were taught to him by Hadrat 'Allama Maulana 'Uthman sahib, and in Tafsir and Hadith, he was taught by Hadrat 'Allama Maulana Mufti Ahmed Miya sahib Qadri Razvi. 

Hadrat 'Allama Maulana Mohammed Iqbal sahib Qadri Misbahi, for his further education, in 1973, went to the renowned great Islamic Institution in Mubarakpur, al-Jami' al-Ashrafia Misbah al-'Ulum. Here, Hadrat 'Allama Maulana Mohammed Iqbal sahib Qadri Misbahi studied under the guidance and training of: 

  • Shams al-'Ulema, Hadrat 'Allama Maulana Qadi Shams al-Din sahib Jonpuri (student of Sadr al-Shari'ah, 'Allama Mufti Amjad 'Ali sahib, and also the author of "Qanun-e-Shari'at")
  • Bahr al-'Ulum, Hadrat 'Allama Maulana Mufti 'Abd al-Mannan sahib (translator of Shama'im al-Ambar fi Nida'I amam al-Mimbar written in Arabic by al-Sheikh Imam Ahmed Rida Khan)
  • Muhaddith-e-Kabir, Mumtaz al-Fuqaha, Hadrat 'Allama Maulana Mufti Dia al-Mustafa sahib (son of Sadr al-Shari'ah, Hadrat 'Allama Maulana Mufti Amjad 'Ali sahib Aa'zmi)
  • "Sheikh al-Qur'an" Hadrat 'Allama 'Abdullah Khan 'Azizi sahib (student of "Hafiz-e-Millat", 'Allama Shah Hafiz-o-Qari 'Abd al-'Aziz sahib Muhaddith-e-Muradabadi thumma Mubarakpuri)

In 1975 Hadrat 'Allama Maulana Mohammed Iqbal sahib Qadri Misbahi graduated from this renowned Islamic University - al-Jami'atul Ashrafia, and gained scholarship in the various sciences of Islamic knowledge. 

During his education at Dar al-'Ulum 'Arabiyya Miskiniyya in Dhoraji, he swore the oath of allegiance (bay'ah) on the blessed hands of Hudur Mufti-e-A'azam-e-Hind, Hadrat 'Allama Maulana Mustafa Rida Khan (son of Imam-e-Ahl-e-Sunnat, al-Sheikh Imam Ahmed Rida Khan).