26 Sep 2021 | Next Salah Time: Fajr at 05:03

"Five things serve as a cure for the heart: a thoughtful reading of the Qur'an, an empty stomach, night vigil prayers, supplications in the early morning and keeping the company of the righteous"

Sidi Ahmad al-Khawwas

Today's Prayer Timetable

Prayer Start Jama'at
Fajr 05:03 06:30
Dhuhr 13:02 13:45
Asr 17:03 18:00
Maghrib 19:03 19:03
Isha 20:59 21:30

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rood-e-Taaj Durood-e-Taaj - Darood e Taj O Allah, send peace and blessings on our master and patron Muhammad 
The owner of the crown and the ascent and the buraq and the standard 
The repeller of affliction and disease and drought and illness and pain 
His name is written on high, served and engraved in the Tablet and on the Pen 
The leader of all, Arabs and non-Arabs 
Whose body is sanctified, fragrant and pure, illumined in the House and the haram 
The sun of brightness, the full moon in darkness, the foremost one in the highest fields, the light of guidance, the cave of refuge for mortals, the lamp that dispels the night 
The best-natured one, the intercessor of nations, the owner of munificence and generosity 
ALlah is his Protector, Gabriel is his servant, the buraq is his mount, the ascent is his voyage, the Lote-tree of the furthermost boundary is his station, two bow-lengths or nearer is his desire 
His desire is his goal, and he has found his goal 
The master of the messengers, the seal of the prophets, the intercessor of sinners, the friend of the strangers 
The mercy for the worlds, the rest of those who burn with love, the goal of those who yearn 
The sun of knowers, the lamp of travellers, the light of those brought near, the friend of the poor and destitute 
The master of humans and jinn, the prophet of the two sanctuaries, the Imam of the two qiblas, our means in the two abodes 
The owner of qaba qawsayn 
The beloved of the Lord of the east and the west 
The grandfather of al-Hasan and al-Hussain 
Our patron and the patron of humans and jinns 
Abu-l-Qasim Muhammad son of 'AbdiLlah 
A light from the light of ALlah 
O you, who yearn for the light of his beauty, send blessings and utmost greetings of peace upon him and his family and companions.