05 Jul 2020 | Next Salah Time: Dhuhr at 13:15

I visited the Prophet during his ailments and he was suffering from a high fever. I said, "You have a high fever. Is it because you will have a double reward for it?" He said, "Yes, for no Muslim is afflicted with any harm but that Allah will remove his sins as the leaves of a tree fall down."

Narrated 'Abdullah:

Today's Prayer Timetable

Prayer Start Jama'at
Fajr 01:14 04:15
Dhuhr 13:15 13:45
Asr 18:56 20:00
Maghrib 21:45 21:45
Isha 22:51 23:00

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by Hadrat Khwaja Gharib Nawaz Mu'een al-Deen Chishti Ajmeri Alaihir raHmah

Posted on 20 May 2013