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Allah's Apostle was the most generous of all the people, and he used to reach the peak in generosity in the month of Ramadan when Gabriel met him. Gabriel used to meet him every night of Ramadan to teach him the Qur'an. Allah's Apostle was the most generous person, even more generous than the strong uncontrollable wind (in readiness and haste to do charitable deeds).

Narrated Ibn 'Abbas

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WEDNESDAY 30th Jan 2013

The Bolton News

A GROUP of caring youngsters have donated 100 food parcels to people in need.

Students at the Noor ul Islam Mosque on Halliwell Road donated the collection of non-perishable foods to celebrate the birth of the prophet Mohammed on Thursday — also known as the 12th of Rabi-ul-Awwal. The idea behind the gesture is to reflect the character of the prophet by helping people in the community.

Organiser Zakir Hussain, from the Noble Community Group at the mosque, said: “Every year we do different things to celebrate the birth of the prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him.

“Christmas is over and bills will be turning up on their doorsteps.“This year we wanted to reach out to people in the community who really need help and spread the love.

“We initially planned for 20 hampers but ended up with enough food for more than 100.

“The children just had to bring as much or as little as they could.

“They will be distributed via different community and church groups to people who they know are in need.” Cllr Hilary Fairclough, who representsAstley Bridge, helped with the project.

She said: “All of the students have been so careful in what they have done trying to make sure that the hampers suited the families’ needs.

“I have to say I am in awe of their dedication and determination to make this project such a success.“What started out as a small-scale community event has just blossomed and it’s down to the organisers and their small band of helpers — not to mention the students and their families, who have provided all the food.

“The whole thing has been done sensitively by a band of selfless, hardworking people.

“I am really proud of them and delighted that they asked me to help.”

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