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A man asked the Prophet , "What sort of deeds or (what qualities of) Islam are good?" The Prophet replied, 'To feed (the poor) and greet those whom you know and those whom you do not Know

Narrated 'Abdullah 'Amr

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By alfsalaam

We show gratitude for faith, and gratitude for the Prophet of faith. Quality of Allah.. Shakur.

One of the great imams of salaf, he was at grave of messenger and a man from the bedouin came to visit the messenger, and he began to address Allah and he said “O Allah you said... those who transgress if only they came to the Prophet and he asked you for forgiveness, you would forgive” – as to attain true forgiveness from Allah, you have to first come to the messenger. The messenger seeks forgiveness for them.. this applies even in our time. We ask Allah to bring us to doorstep of the messenger. This Bedouin had come in recognition of his own deficiencies. The Imam of salaf, he fell asleep, and the messenger came to him in a dream state and said: “Ya utbi, go to that Bedouin and tell him Allah forgave him” – sincere people, people of hearts.

In this day and age, those that have proximity and are far from Allah, all this is related to connection to the Prophet peace be upon him. What type of knowledge have we increased in in this blessed month? How close have we got to him via knowledge; knowledge is the light-spirit of love. How much knowledge have we attained of him, peace be upon him? Sayedina Ali said “whoever interamingled with him fell in love”. He is the supreme gateway unto Allah; it is profound love of the messenger.

“al-maru ma' man ahab” – the hadith says, “a man will be with the one who he loves”.

Who do we truly love? And if we love the messenger, then we should know of him more than we know of ourselves. The sahaba lost themselves in the personage of the prophet. An entire civilisation that was in the depths of darkness, and then there came the light of the messenger and illuminated creation unto the end of time.

Light of  the messenger. We ask Allah to illuminate us. Rabi should not be a passing phenomenon. There is a Second spring (not a last spring) and so there should be a third and fourth. Every occasion should be a celebration of him. Ibn hajr relates that sayedina abu bakr said “who ever spent one dirham celebrating mawlid will enter jannah” and sayedina umar said “whoever celebrates mawlid brings Islam to life”.

What is necessary is Allah change our course to the course of paradise. We ask Allah by Muhammad that we traverse over hell and go to paradise behind him. The commodity of Allah is expensive, and we should be willing to Allah. The commodity of Allah is paradise. Every price we pay relates to the messenger. There gateway of charity, jihad.. struggle in the way of Allah. Gateway of ilm. The prophet immersed himself in the knowledge of Allah and himself. The gateway of dhikr, .. when we speak about the issue of love, love is the foundation of religion. When Allah says “Allah is pleased with them” of companions, this pleasure is based on love.

The real sa’ah (hour) is when you die. Every person shall taste it. What have you prepared for it?.. you are with the one who you love. If your love is true for Allah, you will find yourself with the messenger. Even if you die, and you are buried 2000 miles away, when you are raised you will be raised with him. You are with the one who you love. Who are you with?

This is the time of test. We ask Allah to render us true. Write a dissertation on the messenger. You should know about the messenger, and know what he is in the barzakh. You should know about him at the scale, and at the hawdh. You should know about the messenger. You should know about what makes him different. We study abu bakr siddiq, and he was not like him, and not like umar. Give your life for the messenger.

"O Allah grant me your love and the love of the one who you love." We need to be like him, talk like him, conjure in your life the face of Muhammad. Immerse yourself in his attributes. How he sat, slept, reclined, ate.. how did he drink. We want to drink like the messenger.

What a difficult moment for those blessed men and women when he took flight unto Allah. The donkey Yaqut commits suicide in the well, and then what of the men and women – they took his life and lived him inside of themselves. “my life is good for you, and my death is good for you” – if we attach ourselves to him. “Call them to Allah with wisdom and good exaltation” . 9/10 of wisdom is in silence. Why? In silence,  there is attachment to the messenger “asmat an-naas” – imitiating his silence. That is the only discourse now, and  in the day and moments to come – how can we connect to the messenger. If we love the messenger and you don’t have many extra salah or charity, then you have much because you have love. You will do everything the messenger did, and you will not care what anyone thinks. These are the changers, and these are the transformers of society. Allah will complete his affair. It will all be in the hands of love and in the hands of connection to him.

Let us be people of knowledge, and spend time with real knowledge. The purpose of life and the purpose of knowledge was Muhammad – a great scholar, when he got to his 70s and he had studied much of the sciences of religion during his life, he said it was as though e said everything was a waste except knowledge of Muhammad (peace be upon him)

Let us realise before it is too late.

In the way we are and hold ourselves, let us become people knowledge, love and adherence of the way of the messenger. It is the first spring – the beginning of the affair of real attachment to Allah, through the great gateway Muhammad. May peace and blessings be upon him.

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