22 Jan 2022 | Next Salah Time: Dhuhr at 12:24

"Five things serve as a cure for the heart: a thoughtful reading of the Qur'an, an empty stomach, night vigil prayers, supplications in the early morning and keeping the company of the righteous"

Sidi Ahmad al-Khawwas

Today's Prayer Timetable

Prayer Start Jama'at
Fajr 06:04 07:15
Dhuhr 12:24 12:45
Asr 14:47 15:15
Maghrib 16:38 16:38
Isha 18:40 19:00

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As salamu alaikum,
The women's monthly (Safar) Mawlid gathering in Bolton will take place on Saturday 14th January 6pm-9pm at:
SDI Youth Education Centre
33-35 Hibbert Street 
BL1 8JG           
This month, along with it being a mawlid, we will be commemorating the urs Imam Ahmad Rida (radi Allahu anh)
Also honouring us at the gathering is Ustadha Nagheba Hayel from Liverpool who will be speaking on Great Women of Islam,and lessons today - with a Q & A session at the end.
Born and raised in Liverpool, England, Ustadha Nagheba Hayel is the wife of the respected Shaykh Ibrahim Osi-Efa. Ustadha Nagheba studied Arabic and the Islamic Sciences in Damascus, Syria and then moved to Tarim, Yemen where she studied at the respected Dar al-Zahra institution for six years, obtaining ijazaat to teach several texts. Ustadha Nagheba also served as a teacher at Dar al-Zahra. For those who don't know, Tarim is a beautiful city, often dubbed "the daughter of Madina" in Hadramawt, S Yemen. It is a city filled with Ahlul Bayt and ulema, and tradition states that during his Caliphate, Sayedina Aby Bakr prayed for Tarim due to the loyalty of the people of the city. The region (Hadramawt) is also home to the great scholar and sayyed Shaykh Abu Bakr b. Salim, the author of Durud-e-Taj/Salat-ut-Taajiya, which many of us memorise and read.
Ustadha Nagheba is renowned for her knowledge, wisdom, and motivational manner in addressing students. She has the gift of inspiring hearts and minds.
There will be food served at the end of the evening.

There will be a collection for Ustadha Nagheba's Felicty House project which is a madrasa, learning and community project based in Liverpool. More information: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wel_3Fy9Gao

For further information please email alfsalaam@gmail.com

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