22 Sep 2020 | Next Salah Time: Fajr at 04:55

The Prophet said, "Angels do not enter a house which has either a dog or a picture in it."

Narrated Abu Talha:

Today's Prayer Timetable

Prayer Start Jama'at
Fajr 04:55 06:30
Dhuhr 13:03 13:45
Asr 17:09 18:00
Maghrib 19:13 19:13
Isha 21:10 21:30

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“From what you have inherited from your parents and forefathers, the special thing you have been given is Islam, and all that which is associated with it. You have been entrusted in spreading it in these areas and doing good work in these areas.”

- al-Habib Umar b. Hafiz

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