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The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said : "When Allah decreed the Creation He pledged Himself by writing in His book which is laid down with Him : My mercy prevails over my wrath." [Hadith Qudsi]

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A scholar once saw an old lady operating her spinning wheel and asked her, “Lady! You’ve been spinning that wheel your entire life. Have you ever taken any time to learn about Your Lord?” 

The woman replied, “I see everything through this wheel of mine.”

“Then tell me, is Allah present or not?”

“Allah is present, every moment, every day, every night – all the time.”
“But what’s your proof of this?”

“This very wheel of mine!”

“How so?”

The woman explained, “As long as I’m here running the wheel, it continues to spin in motion. Once I stop, it stops. So, if the wheel is in need of someone to keep it moving, why shouldn’t the Earth, the Heavens, the Sun and the Moon be in need of someone to keep them moving? When I stop my work, the wheel stops spinning, but until now, we’ve never seen anything in our Universe stop moving. This is how I know that the One Who keeps our world in order is present and is always present.”

The scholar was happy with this answer but continued, “Okay, but how do you know that the One who controls the Universe is one and not two?”

The woman replied, “The answer is again in my wheel! It only spins in the direction I tell it to. If someone wanted to assist me in spinning it, the wheel’s motion would become inconsistent and it wouldn’t work properly. And, if my assistant spun it in a different direction, the wheel would either stop spinning or break. This doesn’t happen when I use it alone, and this is how I know that if there was another controller of the Universe besides Allah , there would be no uniformity in the day and night cycle or anything else. So, the controller of the Heavens and the Earth can only be one.” [Seerat as-Saliheen, Page 3]

Lesson: The world itself is proof that our Creator is one, but only those of insight see this.

Extracted from
Stories Of The Prophets (Partial Translation of Sacchi Hikayaat)
Urdu: Maulānā Abun-Nūr Muhammad Bashīr | English: Omar Sayed

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