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Posted on: 28 Aug 2011 Tagged by:

The new moon visibility charts

Shawwal 1432


The following diagrams (courtesy of ://www.phys.uu.nl/~vgent/islam/islam_lunvis_main.htm#global) show the visibility of the new crescent Moon over the first three days of the lunation. The unshaded areas indicate regions from which the Moon cannot be seen. The Moon becomes more easily visible from the regions of increasing colour intensity i.e. the Moon will be seen easily from the regions shown in dark orange. The near vertical blue lines show the age of the Moon at the so-called best time of observation.


The following diagram shows the visibility of the new crescent Moon on Monday, August 29th, 2011



The second diagram for Tuesday, August 30th, 2011: exhibits more shaded regions than the first one. Consequently, a larger fraction of the surface of the Earth will be able to observe the crescent Moon .




The third diagram for Wednesday, August 31st, 2011: is almost totally shaded. The majority of the Earth will be able to observe the crescent Moon with ease.



They show that there's no chance of seeing the new moon in South East Asia, South Asia, Middle East or Europe on Mon 29/Aug. So Ramadan should be 30 days and Eid should be on Wed 31/Aug, insha Allah.

There's a small chance that the moon may be sighted by 'visual aid' only in Southern Africa on Mon 29/Aug, which I believe could be the basis by which some may establish Eid on Tue, Allahu 'alam. 

Some also expect a 'claimed sighting' in the Middle East on Mon 29/Aug, establishing Eid on Tue 30/Aug. From the data we have available such a sighting, in the Middle East, on Mon 29/Aug is impossible!

As you know, pious Muslims should fast until the moon is sighted, and Allah knows best.


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