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1                    NEW MADRASAH FOR 5-9 YEAR OLDS


1.1              Masjid-e-Noorul Islam is supporting the setting-up of an additional new Madrasah location off Belmont Road, Bolton for children between the ages of    5-9 :


·        where the teaching uses a mix of traditional and modern teaching methods

·        the teachers are appropriately qualified and are able to teach in the English language (which has become the first language of many of our children) and who support secular school teaching methods

·        where learning is fun, rewarding and pupils enjoy coming to learn

·        the teaching facilities are of a good standard


1.2              The new Madrasah, to be known as "Illume Education", would offer the following:


·        Class sizes would be kept to a reasonable number of pupils

·        Class times would be limited to 90 minutes of efficient and focused teaching, the initial start time would be 5.15pm and finish time would be 6.45pm although this may need to change at a later date

·        Parent and pupil inductions at start of year

·        Parent and teacher meetings

·        Newsletters and annual pupil timetable

·        Personal records, checklists and detailed pupil reports

·        Teaching aids i.e. whiteboards, power-point, computer use etc. when appropriate

·        Weekly Madrasah assembly

·        Comprehensive syllabus with competency-based progression onto the next level

·        Good quality learning materials and teaching methods, but based on traditional content

·        Structured terms and sufficient holidays

·        Annual examinations with external independent examiners




The longer term goals of the new Madrasah would be to:


·         teach children from ages 9-16 - unless further premises are taken up in the future this may involve developing a two tiered system of start and finish times for older children (9-16) and younger children (5-9) or older children may simply continue their education at Masjid-e-Noorul Islam premises on Prospect St

·         teach Arabic and Urdu (as a language), Islamic theology, Naats, Islamic Art, etc. from an appropriate age in the future depending on resources available, pupil / parent interest and demand

·         develop extra-curricular clubs and activities


1.3              The staffing at the new Madrasah would comprise of:


·         teachers (male as well as female who tend to be better with younger children)  who are appropriately qualified and are able to teach in the English language

·         a secretary with good telephone, IT and interpersonal skills

·         a management board with different levels of skill and experience


1.4              A fee of £5 per week for each child would be payable plus a one off entrance fee of £15 per child


1.5              Various options have been explored in terms of the location of the new Madrasah and trying to ensure that it is more conveniently located, particularly for parents based on or around Sharples, Belmont and Upper Blackburn Road. Masjid-e-Noorul Islam are pleased to have secured the use of the Oldhams Childrens Centre on Forfar Street, Off Belmont Road. The Centre is run by the Bolton Council as a Sure Start Centre during the day and has been newly developed with excellent facilities including a reception / waiting area, up to 4 classrooms, separate boys & girls toilets/ washrooms and tuck shop.


2                    CONTACT US


If you would like to enrol your child at the new Madrasah, teach or help-out in any way or have any other queries, then please attend the open day between 4.00pm - 6.30pm on Sunday 21 August 2011 at the Oldhams Childrens Centre on Forfar Street, Off Belmont Road or contact Zakir Hussain on 07743 523567.



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