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Ramadan Lesson 16 of 30.




Al-Imam Al-Hafiz Ibn-Al-Qayyim, the well-known `Aalim and Muhaddith, wrote a book  'Al-Waabil As-Sayyib Min Al-Kalim At-Tayyib'  on the benefits of Dhikr. He stated that the benefits of Dhikr are more than one hundred and he has listed seventy three of these. Some of these include multiple benefits, and for this reason their actual number is more than one hundred. We present here PART I  of the benefits of DHIKR :-

1)         Dhikr keeps away Shaytān and weakens his strength.

أَنَّهُ  يطرد  الشَّيْطَانَ  وَ  يقمعه  وَ  يكسر

2)         It pleases the Most Merciful, Almighty Allah.

أَنَّهُ  يُرْضَى  الرَّحْمن  عَزَّ وَ جَلَّ

3)         It relieves the heart of anxieties and worries.

أَنَّهُ  يزيل  الهم  و  الغم  عَن  الْقَلْبِ

4)         It produces joy, happiness and relief in the heart.

أَنَّهُ  يجلب  للقَلْبِ  الْفَرح  وَ  السُّرُوْرُ  وَ  الْبسط

5)         It strengthens the heart and the body.

   أَنَّهُ  يقوي  الْقَلْب  وَ  الْبَدَن

6)         It illuminates the face and the heart.

أَنَّهُ  ينور  الْوَجْه  وَ  الْقَلْب

7)         It attracts one's subsistence, and means of livelihood.

أَنَّهُ  يجلب  الرزق

8)         It adorns with dignity, sweetness and radiance, the Dhākirs (those who engage in Dhikr) so that the person who sees them is filled with awe and pleasure at his sight.

أَنَّهُ  يكسو  الذاكر  المهابة  و  الحلاوة  و  النضرة

9)         It induces love for Allah, which in fact is the spirit of Islam and the pivot of "Deen", and the source of success and salvation in the Hereafter. He who seeks access to the love of Almighty Allah should do Dhikr profusely. Just as reading and repetition is the door of knowledge, so Dhikr of Allah is the gateway to His love.


10)      Dhikr involves Murāqaba (deep meditation), through which one reaches the stage of `Ihsān', wherein a person worships Almighty Allah as if he is actually seeing Him. (The attainment of this stage of Ihsaan is the ultimate objective of the Dhakirs).


11)      It helps realization of Allah so that by and by a stage is reached when he comes to regard Almighty Allah as his sole Cherisher, Guardian and master, and he turns unto Him, in all situations.


12)      It is the key to nearness to Almighty Allah; the greater the Dhikr, the greater the nearness to Allah, and greater the indifference to Dhikr, the greater the distance from Him.


13)      It opens the door of Ma`rifah (realization) of Allah.


14)      It makes one realize the greatness and grandeur of Almighty Allah, and strengthens the consciousness of His Omnipotence.


15)      Dhikr of Allah causes one's mention in the court of Allah, as is stated in the Holy Qur'an:

            "Remember Me, and I will remember you"


            and as stated in a Hadith Qudsi:

            "Whosoever remembers me in his heart, I remember him in My heart).

It has already been explained under other verses and Ahadith that, even if there were no other good points in Dhikr, except that mentioned above, this alone would have established its superiority. Nevertheless, there are many more virtues and benefits of Dhikr.

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