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A man asked the Prophet , "What sort of deeds or (what qualities of) Islam are good?" The Prophet replied, 'To feed (the poor) and greet those whom you know and those whom you do not Know

Narrated 'Abdullah 'Amr

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Prayer Start Jama'at
Fajr 06:05 07:15
Dhuhr 12:23 12:45
Asr 14:34 15:15
Maghrib 16:34 16:34
Isha 18:37 19:30

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Pilgrims with a Purpose

Article on Hajj

Posted on 06 Oct 2013

The First Ten Days of Dhu'l-Hijjah

Posted on 06 Oct 2013

The Effects of Allah’s Remembrance

Posted on 03 Oct 2013

Important Islamic Jurisprudence Terminology

Explanation of Fard, Wajib,  Sunnat-e-Mu'akkadah, Sunnat-e-Ghayr Mu'akkadah, Mustahab, Mubah, Haram, Makruh-e-Tehrimi, Isa'at, Makruh-e-Tanzihi, Khilaf-e-Awla.
Posted on 16 Sep 2013

Fasting Six Days of Shawwal after Ramadan

'Like Fasting the Entire Year'
Posted on 13 Aug 2013

The True Essence of Eid al-Fitr‏

In this day and age, many people eagerly await the end of Ramadan and the coming of Eid al-Fitr to gain their 'freedom' in order to go back to committing sin and disobeying Almighty Allah . Many people start on the day of Eid itself and engage in shameful and reprehensible behaviour in the name of celebration.
Posted on 09 Aug 2013

Ramadan Quiz

Posted on 08 Aug 2013

The Nurse and the Muslim Patient

Posted on 05 Aug 2013

Virtues of the night of Eid-ul-Fitr

Posted on 03 Aug 2013

Significance of Eid ul Fitr

EID UL FITR is the annual festival for Muslims throughout the world. It occurs at the end of the Month of Ramadān, on the first day of the month of Shawwal, which is the tenth month of the Islamic year. It is the festival or feast after the fast of the Holy Month of Ramadān.

Posted on 03 Aug 2013

Sighting of the Crescent

Posted on 03 Aug 2013

Remembering Allah and Setting our Priorities

We find ourselves in the midst of a materialistic life where worldly matters (dunia) are our priority.
Posted on 03 Aug 2013

Manners of Visiting the Graves‏

Posted on 03 Aug 2013

Laylat al-Qadr - The Night of Power

Posted on 03 Aug 2013

ISTIGHFAAR (Seeking Forgiveness)

Posted on 03 Aug 2013

Important Notes regarding Sadaqat al-Fitr

Hadrat ibn 'Umar said, "The Prophet made incumbent on every male or female, free man or slave, young or old, the payment of one Sa' of dates or barley as Sadaqat-ul-Fitr. The Messenger of Allah commanded that this sadaqah be paid before one goes to perform the Eid prayer." [Sahih Bukhari - Book on Zakah, Volume 1, Page 204]
Posted on 03 Aug 2013

Can fasting for two days each week stop dementia?

By Jerome Burne
Daily Mail. Mon 27th February, 2012. 
Posted on 03 Aug 2013

Making the most of Laylat al-Qadr

Posted on 29 Jul 2013

Mother of the Believers Sayyidah Ayesha Siddiqah Radi ALLAHu Ta'ala Anha‏

Sayyidah Ayesha Siddiqah Radi ALLAHu Ta'ala Anha was the third lady to enter the house of the Beloved Habeeb Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him as his wife, and she was the only virgin in the consorts of purity of the Holy Prophet’s Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him house
Posted on 25 Jul 2013

Names of the Muslim Warriors in the Battle of Badr‏

As the anniversary of the Battle of Badr approaches us, lets spend a few minutes remembering the great Warriors of Islam that took part in this battle. Below is their names aswell as pictures from the blessed land of badr. Also you can listen to the recitation of their blessed names in the audio section(click to listen)
Posted on 25 Jul 2013

10 Ramadan al-Mubarak | Mother of the Believers Sayyidah Khadija Radi ALLAHu Ta'ala Anha‏

Taken from:
Gateway to Heaven (A Concise Manual for Muslim Sisters)

by Sayyid Shah Aal-e-Rasool Nazmi al-Husaini al-Qadiri Barakati Marehrawi

Sayyiduna Rasoolullah's (SallAllaho Alaihi wa Sallam) marriage with Sayyidah Khadija Radi ALLAHu Ta'ala Anha took place about fifteen years before the beginning of the Revelation, he being 25, and she was 40 years old.

Posted on 19 Jul 2013